Honkai Impact 3rd: "Midnight Chronicle" Event Presentation

Want to be the first to learn all about the Midnight Chronicle? Let's share the basics. To do this, we are going to know all the surprises of this new game mode inspired by Fall Guys.

Honkai Impact 3rd Midnight Chronicle Presentation

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Honkai Impact 3rd's "Midnight Chronicle" Presentation

With the v6.1 update, in addition to the new Valkyrie Li Sushan you will be able to participate in the "Midnight Chronicle" event on which will give us HOMU World coupons, with which they can be used in the event store to exchange them for the new Scorching Gravel Outfit, Crystals, Energy Devices, Honkai Shards and more from Infinite Ouroboros< /b>.

REMEMBER: There will be several game modes and if you manage to beat them you can get the new emblem Tales of Xia{alertSuccess}

Honkai Impact 3rd "Midnight Chronicle" Launch Event

We have made a list of the Midnight Chronicle event, although if you like you can know the details of the event "Midnight Chronicle" in Honkai Impact 3rd 6.1 consists of Cloudless Moon Knight and Tales of Xia: Phantasia. Captains can experience the chivalric exploits of Li Sushang or delve into the video games Jade Knight Li Sushang became obsessed with.

  • Cloudless Moon Knight contains story stages, and Tales of Xia: Phantasia is a cooperative mode. Clearing specific Cloudless Moon Knight stages unlocks Tales of Xia: Phantasia. Captains can invite friends or go solo to enter cooperative mode.
  • Tales of Xia: Phantasia provides 12 different stage maps in 3 types, namely Quick Race Stages, Score Stages, and Survival Stages.
  • Different stage maps have different tips and objectives: In the speedrun stages, you can run into all kinds of traps. Spot the pattern behind them and use evasive maneuvers to get ahead of opponents and reach the destination. The Captain who reaches the destination first will get the highest score and win. Captains can learn their ranking after reaching the destination, and those who rank higher will earn higher scores.
  • Bouncy Changing Costume: Before you start matching, you can tap on your character to change your avatar. There are more than 30 characters available, but aside from the default characters, most of the others need to be unlocked via tokens. Play Tales of Xia: Phantasia to get these tokens.

IMPORTANT: The event will have a schedule to play with random players, although you can also create rooms to play with friends. Also, remember that during the event the new Divine Key Star of Eden: Anti-Entropy will be available. Stay tuned!{alertWarning}

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