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On this page you can find all the information related to the legal terms and conditions for users. It is important that as a user you know this information in order to continue browsing.


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The objective of this web portal is to share exclusive technology news and tutorials.


The services provided on this website:

  • Development of "content marketing" content
  • Advertising through management of own and third-party advertising networks
  • More information for Ad formats.


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Rules of use

As a user, you agree to use the website, its services and content without infringing copyright legislation, and its use for illegal or harmful purposes, or actions that may cause damage or prevent the normal functioning of the website, is prohibited.

What it implies:

  • This website only allows users to browse or comment
  • This website seeks polite respectful participation from all users
  • This website reserves the right to withdraw all comments that violate respect
  • This website will not be responsible for the opinions expressed by other users
  • This website is not responsible for the content or promotions displayed as advertising
  • This website is not responsible for the data that Google or third parties may request during navigation
  • This website provides links to other websites of its own and third party content or affiliate links
  • This website allows citing “” as long as it is to add value to other pages
  • This website has its content under a Commons Creative License (by-nc-nd) of mandatory citation.
  • This website reserves the right to make changes without prior notice that it deems appropriate in

The legal notice was last updated on 01/01/2021