Tower of Fantasy: Garuda Mi-a available for new year event

Garuda Mi-a has arrived at Tower of Fantasy and you can now claim her. This new look for Mi-a will come with an exclusive event for our character for a limited time.

Garuda Mi-a Tower of Fantasy

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Garuda Mi-a arrives at Tower of Fantasy

Garuda Mi-a Arrives is now available in Tower of Fantasy and you will be able to get this skin in the new year. This new appearance is accompanied by an event and will be accompanied by several surprises for the new year.

REMEMBER: To secure the appearance you will need to log in during the event period and complete the required quests. The skin will only be available for a limited time so it is recommended to log in to get it.{alertSuccess}

What comes with the arrival of Garuda Mi-a in Tower of Fantasy

Our darling Mi-a will have a beautiful appearance for the new year! Take advantage of this event and participate in the various activities that you can do during the event! Get this look today!

Tower of Fantasy Download Links

IMPORTANT: You can play Tower of Fantasy on Steam by linking your current account with a Steam account. Progress is shared on any device, this includes android as well.{alertWarning}

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