Honkai Impact 3rd: The "5th Anniversary" event arrives

The new anniversary for Honkai Impact 3rd! is already announced worldwide and with the anniversary comes great rewards for all players. Do you still remember these classic moments over the past 5 years?

5th Anniversary Event Honkai Impact 3rd

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The 5th anniversary of Honkai Impact 3rd

The new anniversary for Honkai Impact 3rd is now available and they celebrate 5 years with exclusive rewards for Honkai Impact 3rd! Global players.

REMEMBER: Log in during the campaign to get rewards and get Mei "Herrscher of Origin" (For Free)!{alertSuccess}

News of the event for the 5th anniversary of Honkai Impact 3rd

To celebrate the 5th anniversary, they are handing out special cards for Gacha! You can also get awesome items like materials, and a Character Unlock Ticket! A jubilant atmosphere is here for the annual celebration! Captain, enjoy the anniversary!

IMPORTANT: Anniversary rewards will only be available until March 14, 2023, see in-game notification.{alertWarning}

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