Honkai Impact 3rd: v6.5 "Hot Sands Escapade" update Announcement

The new update for Honkai Impact 3rd is ready and Welcome to v6.5 Hot Sands Escapade! With dazzling dance steps and wonderful fantasies, she runs on the path of completing missions like a happy little bear. "Equipment... check! Confidence level...

Hot Sands Escapade update arrives at Honkai Impact 3rd

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"Hot Sands Escapade" update arrives at Honkai Impact 3rd

Get ready for the Meow Town tour! In addition to the charming sceneries and multitude of lazy cats, it's an ideal location for specialized training~

REMEMBER: The special event shop Water's Hourglass opens. Complete limited-time event missions to get ELF Water's Edge!{alertSuccess}

"Hot Sands Escapade" Update Content

  • New QUA-type SP Battlesuit: Valkyrie Quicksand
  • Featured Event: Meow Town Escapade
  • New Event: Water's Hourglass
  • Chapter XXXVI: Hailing from Nagazora
  • Featured Event: HOMU World Tour Championship
  • Limited-time Top-up Bonuses: Starry Wishes
  • Login Rewards: Dancing Hemlines and Flickering Lamp
  • Outfit Supply: Pink Branch
  • Outfit Shop New Arrivals
  • Additions to the Hyperion Arsenal
  • Additions to the Dressing Room

Honkai Impact 3rd Launch Event for Valkyrie "Quicksand" Susannah

The event period starts in April 2023 and ends thereafter in May 2023. During the event period, Honkai Impact 3rd players can complete the event of "Susannah" and story quests.

IMPORTANT: Featured event Meow Town Escapade is here! Take on the special training courses offered by Schicksal S-rank Valkyries! Play the event to get Crystals, Valkyrie Quicksand Fragments, Valkyrie Quicksand's outfit Immortal Blades Uniform and more.{alertWarning}

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