Honkai – Star Rail: Gepard "In the Name of Landau" announced for Global

Gepard is coming to Honkai: Star Rail and will be available in the coming Global version. The launch of this new character will be accompanied by an exclusive banner for a limited time.

Gepard arrives at Honkai Star Rail

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Gepard arrives at Honkai: Star Rail

Gepard is coming to Honkai: Star Rail as a type: Cryo, he will defend Belobog and her people at any cost and he will never let down the people he's supposed to protect. Never bring the Landau name into shame!

REMEMBER: To secure the character 5* (also called Spark or Pity) you must get 300 pulls in the character banner. The banner will only be available for a limited time, also is recommended pulls Beginners banner 1st (worst case scenario 40 pulls to get a 5* due to discount 10 pulls cost 8 wishes).{alertSuccess}

Honkai: Star Rail Global Register Event

Honkai: Star Rail will be available from April 26th and you can register in Honkai: Star Rail for to play the global version and be part of the release event.

IMPORTANT: Honkai Star Rail is finally upon us and Mihoyo is giving away ALOT of free stuff including a New unit 5 stars before honkai star rail launches. This event is for a limited time so make sure to do them if you wish to get these rewards.{alertWarning}

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