Honkai Impact 3rd: The new Event "TeRiRi's Magical Quest" announced

The new event for Honkai Impact 3rd is ready, featuring "TeRiRi's Magical Quest" this awesome Bejewled event will be available from v6.6 update. Wanna witness the journey? Just follow TeRiRi to enjoy in TeRiRi's Magical Quest~

Event TeRiRi Magical Quest arrives at Honkai Impact 3rd

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The new Event "TeRiRi's Magical Quest" arrives at Honkai Impact 3rd

In pursuit of a lofty and dazzling dream, she secretly made up her mind and embarked on a journey towards miracles. Planning the route, packing her bags, gathering companions, although there were stumbling blocks along the way, she finally made it! However, the big question is whether the end of the journey would live up to her expectations.

REMEMBER: Bejewled event will unlock crystals and a new outfit.{alertSuccess}

Honkai Impact 3rd, Launch the new Event "TeRiRi's Magical Quest"

The event period starts in Jun 2023 and ends thereafter in Jul 2023. During the event period, Honkai Impact 3rd players can complete the event of "TeRiRi's Magical Quest" and story quests.

IMPORTANT: The "TeRiRi's Magical Quest" launch event will have a story which will invite us to learn more about this Valkyrie.{alertWarning}

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