Honkai – Star Rail: Welcome to Version 1.2 "Even Immortality Ends"

The new update for Honkai: Star Rail is ready, v1.2 "Even Immortality Ends" brings with it new characters, areas, and formidable foes!

Even Immortality Ends update arrives at Honkai Star Rail

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"Even Immortality Ends" update arrives at Honkai: Star Rail

The event period starts in Jul 2023 and ends thereafter in Ago 2023. During the event period, Trailblazers can receive daily rewards in the Travel Log each day after logging in to the game. Play Honkai: Star Rail and complete the events and story quests for to get the rewards.

REMEMBER: New Trailblaze Mission chapters and Companion Missions will go live! Log in daily after the version update to obtain a total of Star Rail Special Pass ×10! Go forth, Trailblazers, and explore~{alertSuccess}

"Even Immortality Ends" Update Content

  • Character Event Warp
  • Brand-New Areas
  • Login Event: Gift of Odyssey
  • Selected HoYoLAB Content

Warp Event details

Among the above characters, the limited character will no become available in Stellar Warp. This Warp is considere a Character Event Warp. The cumulative Warp count for a guaranteed 5-star character in any Character Event Warp will always be carried over to other Character Event Warps, but is independent of and unaffected by other types of Warps.

  • A Lost Soul: Warp for a chance to obtain the brand-new 5-star character "Blade", with the 4-star characters Arlan, Sushang, and Natasha also being boosted!
  • Nessun Dorma: Warp for a chance to obtain the brand-new 5-star character "Kafka", with the 4-star characters Luka, Sampo, and Serval also being boosted!

IMPORTANT: To secure the character 5* (also called Spark or Pity) you must get arounds 90 pulls in the character banner. The banner will only be available for a limited time, also in case you are new player is recommended pulls Beginners banner (worst case scenario 40 pulls to get a 5* due to discount 10 pulls cost 8 wishes).{alertWarning}

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