Honkai – Star Rail: All ready to arrive at PlayStation 5 in October 11th

The new step for Honkai: Star Rail is ready, Honkai: Star Rail will officially arrive at PlayStation®5 in 2023/10/11 (UTC+8)!

Honkai Star Rail will officially arrive at PlayStation 5 in October 11th

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Honkai: Star Rail will officially arrive at PlayStation®5 in October 11th!

PlayStation 5 is ready because Honkai: Star Rail will officially arrive in October 11th!. Also, the PlayStation®5 pre-registration is underway and after completing the registration, Trailblazers across all platforms can claim up to a maximum of 4-Star Light Cone, "The Seriousness of Breakfast (Erudition)" ×1!

OFFICIALLY ARRIVE: 2023/10/11 (UTC+8){alertSuccess}

Registration Achievement Rewards

  • The number of registrants reaches 100,000: Credit ×10,000
  • The number of registrants reaches 300,000: Adventure Log ×5
  • The number of registrants reaches 600,000: Condensed Aether ×5
  • The number of registrants reaches 1,000,000: 4-star Light Cone "The Seriousness of Breakfast (Erudition)" ×1
  • ※ After reaching specific goals in the number of pre-registrations, all Trailblazers across all platforms will receive corresponding rewards through the in-game mail after the game's official release on PlayStation®5.
  • ※ After the game is officially released on PlayStation®5, Trailblazers who log in to the game on PS5™ for the first time can obtain a set of the 4-star Cavern Relic "Musketeer of Wild Wheat" via mail.
  • ※ Trailblazers can claim the aforementioned rewards from their in-game mail.

Event conditions

  • Trailblazers who have completed their registration on HoYoLAB and the official website before the announcement of this event can also participate in the additional chance to win a PlayStation®5.
  • The list of winners will be announced on 2023/10/20 (UTC+8) in this post.
  • Winners must fill in their "Recipient Address" in the "Information Management" section of the HoYoLAB website within 2 weeks after the announcement of the winners, or forfeit their rewards.
  • Winners shall pay taxes at the request of the individual income tax policies of their country or region of residence. Please refer to the laws, regulations, and tax policies of your country or region. Thank you for your understanding and support.
  • If the above physical rewards cannot be issued for reasons of storage, shipping, force majeure, or uncontrollable factors, the organizer reserves the right to replace them with other rewards of equivalent value.
  • Physical prizes will be shipped within three months of receipt of the winner's delivery address. Delivery time may be affected by regional logistics and other factors and is not guaranteed.
  • Matters not covered by the rules of this event are still applicable under the Honkai: Star Rail Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and other officially announced policies as agreed to by Trailblazers.

To better help Trailblazers along their galactic adventure, Honkai: Star Rail's PlayStation®5 pre-order bundle are now available for purchase. Trailblazers can purchase these bundles in the PlayStation™Store before 2023/10/11 06:00 (UTC+8).

※ Trailblazers who have purchased the pre-registration bundles can claim them by logging into the game on the PS5™ after Honkai: Star Rail officially launches on 2023/10/11 (UTC+8) for PlayStation®5.

REMEMBER: Complete the PlayStation®5 registration for a chance to win one of three PlayStation®5 base edition consoles.{alertSuccess}

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