Honkai – Star Rail: Keeping Up With Star Rail, Fu Xuan

Fu Xuan is coming to Honkai: Star Rail and will be available in the the next update, the launch of this new character will be accompanied by an exclusive banner for a limited time.

Fu Xuan arrives at Honkai Star Rail

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Fu Xuan arrives at Honkai: Star Rail

Fu Xuan is a Quantum-Type character following the Path of Preseervation in Honkai: Star Rail. The head of the Xianzhou Luofu's Divination Commission, a confident and blunt sage. Using her third eye and the Matrix of Prescience, Fu Xuan calculates the Xianzhou's router and predicts the fortune of future events. She firmly believes that everthing she does is the "best solution" for the situation. Fu Xuan is waiting for general's promised "abdication", however, that day sill seems very far away.

EVENT DURATION: 2023/09/20 12:00:00 – 2023/10/10 14:59:00 (server time){alertSuccess}

Character Overview: Fu Xuan

Fu Xuan is a defensive character who can reduce the DMG taken by all allies, share DMG taken by other teammates, and increase the CRIT Rate of alla llies. When Fu Xuan's HP is at a certain percentage or lower, she will restore her HP.

Technique: Fu Xuan

  • Base: Of Fortune Comes Fate
  • Basic ATK: Novaburst
  • Talent: Bleak Breeds Bliss
  • Skill:Known by Stars, Shown by Hearts
  • Ultimate: Woes of Many Morphead to One

Light Cone: Fu Xuan

During the event, the drop rate of the limited 5-star Light Cone, She Already Shut Her Eyes (Preservation), will be boosted.

  • Light Cone: Brilliant Fixation

REMEMBER: To secure the character 5* (also called Spark or Pity) you must get 90 pulls in the character banner. The banner will only be available for a limited time, also is recommended pulls his Light Cone banner (for to improve the character).{alertSuccess}

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