Tower of Fantasy: Fenrir × Gleipnir announced for Global

Fenrir × Gleipnir is coming to Tower of Fantasy and will be available from March 9th. The launch of this new weapon will be accompanied by an exclusive banner for this character for a limited time.

Fenrir Fuwa arrives at Tower of Fantasy

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Fenrir arrives at Tower of Fantasy

Fenrir is coming to Tower of Fantasy, a girl always charges forward and lights up the meaning of life with her smiles every day. With the powerful weapon Gleipnir, she can beat anything in battle.

REMEMBER: To secure the character (also called Spark or Pity) you must reach 120 shots in the character banner. The banner will only be available for a limited time, so it is recommended to collect 18,000 dark crystals or 120 red cores.{alertSuccess}

Fenrir to Tower of Fantasy Launch Event

Every battlefield is like the DJ stage to Fenrir! Don't distract by her cute appearance (even tho it's very difficult), she is super powerful on the field!

Tower of Fantasy Download Links

IMPORTANT: You can play Tower of Fantasy on Steam by linking your current account with a Steam account. Progress is shared on any device, this includes android as well.{alertWarning}

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