Tower of Fantasy: Update Patch 2.4 is coming on March 30

The global release of version 2.4 of Tower of Fantasy has already been announced and will be available to all countries for Global version. The launch has been announced on March 30, 2023 from the afternoon for most countries.

Patch 2.4 arrives in Tower of Fantasy

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Patch 2.4 "Under The Grand Sea" arrives in Tower of Fantasy

Through an interstellar colonization plan, humans created a new civilization on a planet called Aida. To extract a mysterious but powerful energy called Omnium from Comet Mara, thus starting Tower of Fantasy an open-world anime-style video game.

REMEMBER: The regions of Tower of Fantasy are North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Southeast Asia, and South America, and there are rumors that in this update we can change servers with an object.{alertSuccess}

Tower of Fantasy Version 2.4 Launch Event

The global version update for Tower of Fantasy has now been officially announced for the global version. Tower of Fantasy patch will be officially released on March 30, 2023 from the afternoon for most countries.

Tower of Fantasy Download Links

IMPORTANT: The update will be available directly, in the case of the PC platform it will be through the official launcher, iOS in the App Store, and Android through Google Play respectively.{alertWarning}

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