Honkai Impact 3rd: Update v6.7 "Straying Stars" announced

The new update for Honkai Impact 3rd is ready, v6.7 "Straying Stars" coming soon! New battlesuit Sugary Starburst debuts!

Straying Stars update arrives at Honkai Impact 3rd

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"Straying Stars" update arrives at Honkai Impact 3rd

Herrscher of Finality's outfit Selenic Ripples, Herrscher of Origin's outfit Crooning Tides and Herrscher of Truth's outfit Seaside Vibes debut! The new special effects of waves, shells and fish enabled by Ocean Dive outfits will bring in a cool summer~

REMEMBER: Bonuses event Happy Things to Do begins. Complete specific event missions to exchange for New Summer Memory Outfit Option and more!{alertSuccess}

"Straying Stars" Update Content

  • New S-rank battlesuit Sugary Starburst
  • Dressing Room Update
  • Login Event: Astral Tide
  • HoYoLAB Community Tools
  • Official Social Media

Honkai Impact 3rd Launch Event for Valkyrie "Sugary Starburst"

The event period starts in Jun 2023 and ends thereafter in Jul 2023. During the event period, Players must play Honkai Impact 3rd and complete the events and story quests for to get the rewards.

IMPORTANT: Ocean Dive outfits will also debut to bring in a cool summer~ Play the events after version update to get Valkyrie Gloria's new outfit Starlit Evening, Crystals, 4★ event stigma and more!{alertWarning}

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