Honkai Impact 3rd: New Valkyrie "Shigure Kira" playable in v6.7

The new Valkyrie for Honkai Impact 3rd is ready, featuring "Shigure Kira" and she will be available from v6.7 update.

New Valkyrie Shigure Kira arrives at Honkai Impact 3rd

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New Valkyrie "Shigure Kira" arrives at Honkai Impact 3rd

Shigure Kira is rank A, Machine-Type Valkyrie following the element of Cryo, She is the new SP battlesuit "Sugary Starburst" for "Shigure Kira" will be playable in v6.7.

REMEMBER: The Valkyrie "Shigure Kira" will be unlockable for Event and Gacha.{alertSuccess}

Honkai Impact 3rd Event for Valkyrie "Shigure Kira"

This new Honkai Impact 3rd event period starts in Jun 2023 and ends thereafter in Jul 2023. During the event period, players can complete the event of "Shigure Kira" and story quests.

IMPORTANT: The "Shigure Kira" launch event will have a story which will invite us to learn more about this Valkyrie.{alertWarning}

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