Honkai Impact 3rd: Forest Capriccio Concert Special Message

Concerts Forest Capriccio Concert in real-life venues are irreplaceable with their stunning audiovisual effects and powerful emotional resonance.

Forest Capriccio Concert Special Message

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Forest Capriccio Concert Special Message

Aside from the live stream channel, the concert will be featured at local cinemas around the world and a wonderful beach to usher in an incredible feast for Captains! Stay tuned!

"Forest Capriccio Concert" Local Event Time

  • Paris: 19:00, JUL 29 (UTC+2)
  • Los Angeles: 18:00, JUL 29 (UTC-7)
  • Taipei: 20:00, JUL 29 (UTC+8)
  • Hong Kong: 20:00, JUL 29 (UTC+8)
  • Kuala Lumpur: 20:00, JUL 29 (UTC+8)
  • Tokyo: 21:00, JUL 29 (UTC+9)
  • Seoul: 21:00, JUL 29 (UTC+9)

IMPORTANT: Please follow official announcement for the details of event venue and ticket drawing.{alertWarning}

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