Honkai Impact 3rd: New S-rank "Herrscher of Rebirth" Tutorial

The new Valkyrie for Honkai Impact 3rd is ready, v6.8 Saha and Rebirth is coming soon! The new S-rank Herrscher Battlesuit "Herrscher of Rebirth" will debut! Today, Kiana Kaslana will explain to you the new battlesuit info.

Herrscher of Rebirth Tutorial Video

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Honkai Impact 3rd unveils Herrscher of Rebirth

Herrscher of Rebirth arravies at Honkai Impact 3rd and will be available in Jul 2023 until thereafter in Agu 2023.

REMEMBER: "Herrscher of Rebirth" will be unlockable for Gacha.{alertSuccess}

Character Overview: Herrscher of Rebirth

"Herrscher of Rebirth" is rank S, Psy-Type Valkyrie following the Physical DPS/Support (dual). She is the new SP battlesuit "Herrscher of Rebirth" for "Seele Vollerei" and will be playable in v6.8.

Herrscher of Rebirth is the new S-rank Herrscher battlesuit for Seele Vollerei. She can switch between Soul Shaper Form and Life Binder Form. In Soul Shaper Form, she supports teammates with combat buffs. In Life Binder Form, she acts as the DMG dealer for the team. Spirit Deer Diana and Flower Spirit Flora will team up with her in the battle.

IMPORTANT: During the event period, players can enjoy the "Herrscher of Rebirth" story and complete event and quests.{alertWarning}

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