Honkai – Star Rail: Character Preview "Huohuo" announced

Huohuo is coming to Honkai: Star Rail and will be available in the the next update, the launch of this new character will be accompanied by an exclusive banner for a limited time.

Huohuo arrives at Honkai Star Rail

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Huohuo arrives at Honkai: Star Rail

Huohuo is a Wind-Type character following the Path of Abundance in Honkai: Star Rail. A pitiable and helpless Foxian girl who is also a Ten/Lords Commission Judge-in-training, who fears ghosts but must catch them.

Due to having a geliobus named Tail sealed in her tail by the jodges of the Ten/Lords Commission, she became a @cursed one@ who attracts inhuman beings.

She feards demons and heliobi, but contrarily is tasked with their captire and entrusted with the heavy task of eradicating vile spirits. Though she believes herself lacking in ability, she is unable to muster the courage to resign and continues onward walking in a valley of her own fear.

TRENDING: Honkai – Star Rail: Version 1.5 "The Crepuscule Zone"{alertWarning}

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Huohuo is a healer character who can regenerate Energy and boost ATK for multiple allies, and restore HP to all members of the team.

Character Overview: Huohuo

  • Basic ATK: Stormcaller
  • Technique: Fiend> Impeachment of Evil
  • Talent: Possesion> Ethereal Metaflow
  • Skill: Yalisman> Protection
  • Ultimate: Tail> Spiritual Domination

Light Cone: Huohuo

During the event, the drop rate of the limited 5-star Light Cone will be boosted.

  • Light Cone: Night of Fright (Abundance)

REMEMBER: To secure the character 5* (also called Spark or Pity) you must get 90 pulls in the character banner. The banner will only be available for a limited time, also is recommended pulls his Light Cone banner (for to improve the character).{alertSuccess}

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