Honkai Impact 3rd: update v7.1 "Starbound Painter" announced

The new update for Honkai Impact 3rd is ready, v7.1 "Starbound Painter" coming soon! New battlesuit "Cosmic Expression" debuts!

Starbound Painter update v7.1 arrives at Honkai Impact 3rd

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"Starbound Painter" update v7.1 arrives at Honkai Impact 3rd

The new update v7.1 arrives to Honkai Impact 3rd. The event period starts in Nov 2023 and ends thereafter in Dec 2023. During the event period, Captains after complete the events and story quests will get awesome rewards.

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The new update v7.1 brings New SP battlesuit Cosmic Expression as a SD-type support battlesuit dealing Bleed DMG.

Honkai Impact 3rd Update Content

  • New SD-type SP Battlesuit: Cosmic Expression
  • Featured Event: Starry Voyage: Strike Back!
  • Story Chapter XLII: Earthbound Order
  • Bonuses Event: Seize Sensational Sentience
  • Outfit Supply: Feather Leaves from the Night
  • Limited-time Top-up Bonuses: Starry Wishes
  • Outfit Shop New Arrivals
  • Additions to the Hyperion Arsenal
  • Additions to the Dressing Room

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