Honkai Impact 3rd – Overview of Anniversary Bonuses and more

The new anniversary arrives at Honkai Impact 3rd, log in to get Battlesuit Supply Cards and Equipment Supply Cards, Stigma Option, S-rank Valkyrie Option and more.

Honkai Impact 3rd – Overview of Anniversary Bonuses

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Anniversary arrives at Honkai Impact 3rd

The new update v7.3 brings the new anniversary to Honkai Impact 3rd. Today you'll know about the 7th Anniversary together!. Read on to learn more!

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Overview of Anniversary

We are about to arrive on Mars, and please note that, due to the impact of Honkai energy, the time for Captains in some regional servers has changed — on the official arrival day, Captains from Europe and Americas, JP, KR, SEA, and Traditional Chinese servers will celebrate the 7th Anniversary together!

As the new starting point for the Honkai Impact 3rd universe journey and the version that gathers everyone for the first time, v7.3 will offer abundant bonuses to welcome you!

Special Rewards and Event Info after Merging Anniversaries into One Celebration

  • Anniversary Memorial Emblem, Ribbon, Stigma:

  • Play the anniversary login event or version event on Europe and Americas, JP, KR, SEA, and Traditional Chinese servers to get the 7th Anniversary Memorial Emblem, Ribbon and Stigma.

    Due to the direct transition to the 7th anniversary, Captains from the Europe and Americas server will also receive the 6th Anniversary Memorial Emblem and Ribbon at the same time.

  • First Top-up Gets Double Resets:

  • After the v7.3 update, web event The Flight Log about You begins on Europe and Americas, JP and Traditional Chinese servers. Captains, review your data to get Crystals and more!

    KR and SEA servers have already launched this event and rewards in v7.1, and there will be no data review in the v7.3.

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