Honkai Impact 3rd – New S-rank Battlesuit Shadowbringer

The new Valkyrie for Honkai Impact 3rd is ready, the new S-rank battlesuit Shadowbringer will be playable in the next update.

Honkai Impact 3rd – New S-rank Battlesuit Shadowbringer

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New S-rank battlesuit Shadowbringer arrives at Honkai Impact 3rd

The new update v7.3 brings the new Valkyrie "Shadowbringer " to Honkai Impact 3rd. Today you'll know her and her equipment. Read on to learn more!

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Thelema's S-rank Battlesuit Valkyrie Debuts

The new update v7.3 brings Deepspace Anchor: First Light, she is a new S-rank battlesuit MECH-type dealing Ice DMG with her weapon Chained Blades, and Astral Ring Specialization called Wheel of Destiny.

After the v7.4 update and until 12:00, MAY 24, the Battlesuit Supply Dancing With Shadows will be available. You are more likely to obtain Mad Pleasure: Shadowbringer with 50% off the first 10x drops in this Battlesuit Supply.

Skill Showcase

  • Basic ATK: Banquet Invite: Be Seated
  • Weapon Skill: Liquor: A Toast to Everyone
  • Combo ATK: Stay Seated: As the Host Commands
  • Special Combo: Orchestra: Endless Banquet Dance
  • Ultimate: Banquet Opening: Festive Crowd
  • Astral Ring Skill: Sidereal: The Whistle of a Dove

How to Get Equipment

After the v7.4 update, Mad Pleasure: Shadowbringer's recommended equipment items are likely to drop in Equipment Supply. Chained Blades Banquet Rose or a stigma from the Splendors of Amber set is guaranteed in 10 drops. Weapon Banquet Rose is guaranteed in 60 drops.

After the v7.4 update and until 04:00, JUN 6, play the login event Banquet Invitation to get Splendors of Amber Stigma Option x1, which grants one of Mad Pleasure: Shadowbringer's recommended stigmata.

You can also consume AE Imaginon x150 to craft 4★ Chained Blades Phantom Seafarer. Splendors of Amber set will also be craftable, and forging a stigma requires Source Prism x2 and Ether Fuel x600.

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